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China Intellectual Property Society (CIPS), formerly known as China Industrial Property Society, wasinitiated by China Patent Office through the Preparatory Committee established on Dec. 12, 1984. On Mar. 29, 1985, China Industrial Property Society was formally founded. And on Nov 30, 1990, its name was changed to China Intellectual Property Society, which was a national corporation aggregate and whose establishment was approved by Ministry of Civil Affairs of the PRC.
Principles & Purposes
CIPS's purposes is to uphold the pragmatic and scientific perspective and unite the intellectual property practitioners, government agencies of intellectual property and communities of judiciary, technology, education, academia and business to carry out academic research and exchange about intellectual property and provide valuable recommendations for the establishment and enhancement of the legal framework of intellectual property. CIPS is willing to contribute to the improvement of the legislation, enforcement, implementation, protection and management of intellectual property.
Organizations of CIPS
Introduction of Organization

Function   Communication & Development
  Department of
Communication and
    1. According to the Constitution of China Intellectual Property Society, CIPS holds the executive council and council regularly.
CIPS follows and researches the domestic and oversea development trend of intellectual property, take advantages of the
expert resources of CIPS to provide legislative and policy recommendations for the enhancement and development of intellectual property system.
2. By the means like holding intellectual property training, academic exchanges, providing expert consultant and editing and publishing the China Intellectual Property Newsletter, CIPS provides members all kinds of service, and instructions about how
to protect intellectual property rights and use the intellectual property resources better.
3. CIPS carries out international and regional exchanges activities and enhance nongovernmental intellectual property
academic exchange and cooperation. And CIPS sponsors international workshop about intellectual property, receives the
friendly visit of foreign intellectual property societies and sends the delegations abroad for intellectual property observation
and exchanges. CIPS pushes forward the academic exchange and cooperation across the Strait and with the rest of the world.
4. CIPS also takes charge of international exchange and cooperation projects and domestic training projects which are
commissioned by superiors.
5. Promoting cooperation with local intellectual property societies, CIPS is establishing the national intellectual property
information and service network.
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    Department of Academy is responsible for academic research and discussions, which is the very core function of CIPS. In accordance with the purpose of promoting the academic research in intellectual property field, Department of Academy started academic activities since the establishment of CIPS. It has set up a platform for academic exchanges between leading experts and new comers, and built academic research circumstance and active academic atmosphere. Meanwhile, Department of Academy holds intellectual property and patent academic activities every year. For example, BeijingInternation al Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intellectual Property Summit has been held twice in 2006 and 2009,which has great impact in the whole world. Patent Committee of CIPS re-registered in 2005. The committee takes active part in academic research and discussion activities. It publishes a series of Report on the Current Status and Developing Trend of Technologies in all Fields every year, six issues published so far. Since 2009, the committee edited and published fascicles of every technology field to provide more detailed and valuable technology information to the public. Meanwhile, it also organizes weighty academic activities to build some international brands of CIPS. For example, Beijing International Pharmaceutical and Chemical Intellectual Property Summit has been held twice in 2006 and 2009, which has great impact in the whole world. Feel free to contact Department of Academy, especially the community of intellectual property and property to co-hold intellectual property research and discussion activities and accelerate the intellectual property academic research.
    Intellectual Property is a national bimonthly journal which is supervised by SIPO, edited by CIPS and whose publication is approved by General Administration of Press and Publication of the PRC. CIPS edits and publishes Intellectual Property regularly. It also edits and publishes books and periodicals about intellectual property on irregular basis including supplement of Intellectual Property, Summary of Development of Patent Technologies all Technological Fields and Research about Development Trend of Patent Technologies, etc, and provide intellectual property materials to members and public. Main columns of the journal are: academic forum, Study and Research, mediate/arbitrate/lawsuit, Thoughts and Ideas, and World intellectual property, which include patent, trademark, copyright, business secret, database security, hot spot review, etc. The journal faces intellectual property practitioners, judicatory practitioners, teachers and students in colleges, scientific research staffs, attorney and inventors, and serves all communities.
  Consulting Service
    Beijing Guo-Wei Intellectual Property Judicial Expertizing Center and Consulting Department of CIPS provide intellectual property forensic service and consulting services on the information, technology, and law which members and the public need to create, acquire, apply and protect intellectual property. Beijing Guo-Wei Intellectual Property Judicial Expertizing Center, which is under CIPS, is approved by Beijing Municipal Bureau of Justice. Consulting Department of CIPS is a forensic institution approved by the Supreme People's Court of the PRC.
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